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Family Fun Time at The Funplex!

Oh man. I love me a good theme park but sometimes walking around an entire park will wear you out before you can even get a chance to enjoy the rides! Back in the day, I used to frequent The Pavillion Park that was down in the heart of Myrtle Beach and loved to stay until dark and ride the coasters until I couldn’t see straight! Now that I’m older, the park is long gone but the need for thrill is still there!

Over the years there have been few theme parks that were built and fizzled out quicker than a flame on a beach, but THANKFULLY Funplex Parks has touched down off of 14th Avenue, right in front of the Boulevard and down the street from the SkyWheel! I am SO thankful for this new park because it isn’t massive enough to take 8 minutes to get from one ride to the next (I don’t miss walking half a mile in between rides, trust me).

I reached out to The Funplex a few weeks ago and they were gracious enough to host a night of fun for myself, husband and two kiddos! The park runs on a point system and discounts the prices graciously if you order more points than less. For example, if you purchase 100 credits, you receive 35 bonus points for your visit! Recently, the Myrtle Beach location I visited has added a wristband option that I call a Thrill Park Happy Hour. For $29.25, you can ride every ride the have to offer with unlimited use between 4-6 p.m. daily.

When you first enter the park, their restaurant Off the Coast Bar and Grill is ready to serve you drinks and food if you are famished from your beach day! They even provide happy hour between 4 and 7 p.m. so you can get more bang for your buck.

The park isn’t very large but I was super impressed by the tight layout with rides for every age! First up we let the kids get some energy out and ran straight for the Hang 10 Silly Cups! This classic teacup ride lets you interact and turn a wheel to make the spinning extra groovy! My son had such an amazing time and kept screaming for me to spin FASTER (my stomach said no thank you).

My silly husband and son on the Hang 10 Silly Cups

Before I could even ask which ride was going to be next, my daughter high tailed it STRAIGHT for the Sunny Day Swing! Designed just for their age, the kids had fun swinging around festive beach balls while catching some rays and good music.

The greatest feature about the park are the family rides that adults and the kids can both ride! Their newest coaster Fun in the Sun has two different seats to offer. One rotates on a swivel as you twist, dip and turn along the track and the other one spins the while the coaster is rushing along! Most times I go to theme parks, my kids are too small to ride at the ages of 4 and 5 but thankfully Funplex created innovative rides that we can jointly enjoy!

Now after my kids got a few rides in and Dad was ready for a break, I sent them for snacks and finally got to check out some of the Thrill rides on my own. First up was Sky Velocity, and LET me tell you, I screamed like a little girl. It is a drop ride but there is nothing typical about it! The ride drops 65 feet and rotates so you can get some beachfront views all the while being terrified in the best way possible!

Sky Velocity!!

Last ride of the night was Up & Overboard which was a gravity defying ride that any daredevil will love. Built like rotating pendulums that swing overhead, the ride provides a gut drop every time it swings around! Don’t be fooled either…..the operator WILL keep you upside down for 5-10 seconds which WILL feel like an eternity!!

Unfortunately, at the time due park issues with programming, Mach Fun and Hook and Slice were not available to ride but they both sure looked like a lot of fun! They were both thrill rides as well and hopefully when we visit again they will be available of use! Thank you again to the park managers for allowing my family to have such a fun evening at Funplex….we cannot wait to visit again!


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