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Laser Tag by Kidzlane! A #Nesstoy Brand

Laser Tag by Kidzlane! A #Nesstoy Brand

Ahh….to be young again! I used to play laser tag at the local arcade when I was about 13 years old, sometimes more than once a week and it was my JAM! Now that I am 33 years old with two kids, I barely have the time to shower and put on makeup if I want! With that being said, I am still a kid at heart and was gifted a Kidzlane Laser Tag Set in exchange for an honest blog post review! I was sooo exciteddd!

I am so thankful for toys that do not involve a screen so I can get my kids outside!! My son had a blast playing with it and being stimulated by the noise but I had to get my 13 year old neighbors in my community to really help me out!! They are amazing kids that always spend so much time together already so it was no brainer They had so much fun chasing one another down and getting some much needed exercise in at the same time!

You can choose four colors (red, blue, green or orange) and have the options for pistol, shotgun, submachine gun or rocketlauncher mode which keeps the game interesting and super fun!!!  You pick what team you want to be a part of and go to TOWN.

In order to shoot, you must pull the trigger while aiming at the Infared Target. The gun flashes and vibrates while shooting and once you are hit the gun will shake and make a sound like you have been hit. There are 3 life bars and once they are all gone you are OUT!

I am beyond thankful for a toy that gives us a chance to get outside and actually interact with one another. It’s so important that children get out and explore with one another and limit screen time. 

This creates a safe competitive space where kids can learn the skill of patience when losing & elation while winning! The art of playing outside is so lost on the youth at times with all the tablets, video games and TV Shows but this Laser Tag Set eliminates that from the equation all together. I definitely recommend this toy to any kid 8 or above looking for a fun with time with their friends outside!!!! You can purchase your own set here at this link


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