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Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed

Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed

What a quirky title to have but it holds so much meaning for my life as my Mothers FAVORITE quote of all time. Anytime I used to complain about wanting something that just required me to SPEAK up she would say “Closed mouth don’t get fed Charmae, if you want something GO FOR IT.” It all makes so much more sense to me now that I have gotten a little wiser with age. Life is too short to complain about something you can tangibly fix. 

I have never been one to really shy away from confrontation or debating to the DEATH. I am not afraid to speak my mind and neither should you be! Do not be afraid to ask for things. If you don’t use your voice, the silence will solve nothing. If you want that raise you been hesitating to speak upon, ask for it. The worst that could happen is to be told no and then there is always opportunity for another chance. This is much easier said than done but it is a goal everyone should work towards!

If there is something you really want out of life, take a leap of faith and GO for it. I cannot tell you the amount of times I surprised myself just by speaking up which in turn gave me what I wanted. When I was younger, I was hesitant about speaking my mind and missed so many opportunities. Those missed opportunities turned me bitter until my Mom yelled at me those famous words. “Closed mouth don’t get fed Charmae….you gotta speak up babygirl if you want something in your life!” I carry those words with me everywhere. 

I understand the fear of it all….being rejected is not fun for ANYONE. Want to know whats worse? Never speaking your truth and being stuck in a never ending cycle of “what ifs”. What if I just asked to be a part of that important project at work. What if I just asked for a raise when I deserved it instead waiting for it. I hate nothing more than wasting time and that is why it is important to speak your truth and thoughts. If you aren’t going to be your biggest cheerleader, than who will?

Please learn to have faith in yourself……look for it or create it if need be! Faith goes a long way and can really help you find your voice deep within. If you are missing opportunities, get over the fear and jump in the deep end. Ask for that raise you deserve. Give your opinion on a group project when you know you have credible ideas. Learn to speak up, you will thank yourself when negatives turn into positives. It is a life changing feat to conquer that will help you in so many aspects throughout your life! As always…thank you so much for reading!


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