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5 Quick Tips to Budget Better

5 Quick Tips to Budget Better

Its true….I am the budget QUEEN ?. I rarely ever pay for anything in full price and if there is a coupon, I’ll find it! There is money alllll over the internet in forms of a discount just waiting for you to sniff them out. Here are 5 quick tips to help you budget your spending better.

1. Coupons.com

This site is my BEST friend. Before heading to the store,  I always check the website to see if there are any discounts on groceries. Pampers usually has $1.00 off of diapers and big companies like Scott tissue do as well. The site also has coupon codes for big companies such as Gap, Macy’s and Amazon. 

2. Proctor and Gamble

This company is the head of HUGE brands such as Tide, Bounce, Pampers and so much more! Provided are digital and printable coupons available to the public. The discounts range from .50 -$2.00, are plentiful and can be used in any store! 

3. Bulk Purchases

I cannot express enough how much this has saved us money over the past years. As a family of four with two little ones, we buy a LOT of fruit, veggies and meat to feed these tiny food vacuums we have created. The importance of purchasing bulk items to save money is one that you must learn to utilize. If you have a Costco membership, you are ahead of the game! Here is an example of bulk vs. single purchase: At Costco, you can get a huge pork loin for $13 that will create 4 separate meals (cut chops or keep full pieces for roasting). At Safeway, a loin alone will cost $13 and half the weight. A personal example is my OBSESSION with Franks Red Hot, which became a super costly habit. A 23oz bottle will cost you $6 and be gone in a week (if you got issues like me ?). At Smart and Final, you can purchase a GALLON of Franks for….wait for it……$12 bucks folks. Bulk saves….DO IT.

4. Cut Unnecessary Cost

This is pretty obvious but really difficult for some people to grasp the concept of. Its simple math really….stop buying that $5 cup of coffee everyday and save $150 bucks a month. Replace it with a french press and make your own coffee at home! Instead of eating out, make meal plans for the week to save extra too!!  If you don’t make these investments for yourself, who will? 

5. Plan budgets ahead!

Budgeting can be hard, but if you look at it analytically then it can become a easy task to defeat! I will give you a huge example for myself. My wedding in 2013 was a budget wedding and I gave myself a cap of $10,000 for the entire event. What I did was tell myself that I had $1000 dollars a month to put aside to reach my goal. I broke down each month into the usual weeks and set a goal of putting aside $250 a week. This is a simple yet effective way to help pay for vacations in the future! I hope you enjoyed and get a chance to save some money soon!


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