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Burney Falls: California’s Waterfall Wonder

Burney Falls: California’s Waterfall Wonder
Burney Falls, 129 ft waterfall with over 1 million gallons flowing a day!

There is something so captivating about a waterfall. The majestic sounds it makes as it bounces off the rocks below into a deep pool of abyss. The sheer power behind the millions of gallons of water that flow from earth…I love everything about them! 5 hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area is McArthur-Burney Falls State Park which was nothing short of amazing. This past weekend my family and I ventured into Shasta County and camped for the weekend. I encourage you to take on the wilderness and book your site now!

Visitor center with vital information at the entrance
After 5 long hours, a photo op was neccesary!

Lake Britton

After a long drive with two whiny kids, we were beat and still had time to kill before check in at 2 o’clock so we decided to take a ride over the Lake Britton to see its vast beauty up close and personal! If you remember the classic 80’s movie Stand By Me, then you will recognize the iconic bridge when you visit Lake Britton.

The Bridge from the iconic 80’s movie Stand By Me!

It was a wonderful little nugget of Hollywood I will hold and take with me for life. If you are interested, there are boat, canoe, kayak and paddle boat rentals on site and a little beach you can relax on if landlocked is your preference. We drove over the Pit River Dam as well to get some beautiful vantage points from above.

The Pit River Dam. There are options to fish here if you are interested!
This picture does this beauty no justice. Pit River Damn is HUGE!

Campsites of Burney Falls

As check in time arrived, we jetted off so we could get the campsite ready. The park has two sites, Pioneer Camp and Rim Camp that you can stay at for $35 a night. If glamping is more your style, there are cabins you can stay in for $115 a night (yeah, I will sleep outside in the tent THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) Forewarning, the cabins are basically just a wooden shell (no electricity) so I personally do not think it’s worth that much. To reserve a site, click here. The site itself comes with a food locker, running potable water as well as ample space to run amuck without feeling invaded by neighbors.

Our site #88 for the weekend! That double rainbow is a sign of good days ahead!

Everything all set up and ready to go!
Angry toddler eating chips after a longgg car ride! Lol!

We quickly set up the tent, threw the food in the locker and hauled tail to the Falls to capture as many photos as possible! The walk down is short and paved with few stairs so its fairly accessible to all. Let me tell you something….I have been waiting for over a year to take this vacation and my jaw hit the floor when I saw the cascade of water in front of me.

A little family photo before heading down to the falls

At 129 ft tall, this ENORMOUS beauty emitted the purest blue I have seen in ages. The amazing part is that there is ACTUALLY a waterfall that is constant in California, unlike the waterfalls in Yosemite which dry up as soon as spring is gone.

You know I had to get my pose on.

Finally made it! I almost DIED jumping to this rock. TREAD WITH CAUTION! Lol!

Subway Cave: Bonus!

After two days of being dusty and dirty, we packed up and were ready to hit the showers.

Filthy babies sure did have fun though!

Before heading out of town, we had to make a recommended stop at Subway Cave which was about 20 miles from Burney Falls . Why do you ask? Because it is a LAVA TUBE underground! WHAT?! It is PITCH black and at stays at a cool 46 degrees all year long, so do not forget that sweatshirt and flashlight folks!

Informative billboard before heading into the darknessss

That floor will TEAR your knees up so be careful as you step! 

Such an awesome experience. But BRRR its cold down there!

The floors are rugged so make sure you are wearing sturdy shoes or hit the floor like I did….my knee STILL hurts. The entire trip was steady relaxation for two days with a waterfall as our backdrop. How can you go wrong with that scenario? Camping is a cheap adventure that provides ample learning experience for your little ones and tears them away from their tablets for a while. I urge you to go explore Burney Falls so reserve your campsite today! I promise you will not regret it!


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  1. Patricia Kinney
    September 14, 2018 / 5:40 pm

    Charmae! These pictures of you and your family are gorgeous without even having to say! However, the information you gave was so helpful and affordable….thank you. ? I can always count on you helping me to be frugal. The falls are spectacular… it does look worthy of the trek…especially with angry , tired toddlers ?.

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